"Why wouldn't you put a top product in top packaging?"

Emma P.

Emma uses the Unicorn Bottles® to hand out sample shots to prospects.

The right packaging is crucial for the total experience of your potential customer. Emma Philips, founder and owner of a well-known hair care brand knows this too. She is known for her serums and shampoos and has been using the Chubby Gorilla Unicorn bottles® for several years to be able to hand out samples to her target audience.

“I founded my business in 2009 and I quickly noticed that I needed samples. That is common in my sector. People nowadays want to test products before they spend their money on them. I resorted to cheap packaging and gave away free samples of my hair products, but this backfired. I often got the feedback that the jars I used broke or were unusable. I am convinced that this also had a negative effect on my brand image.”

"The Unicorn Bottles® have the look and quality that I want to radiate with my products."

Emma P.

“I have been using the Unicorn Bottles® since 2016. The appearance, the look and feel of these bottles, fits perfectly with the look I want my products to have. I had a nice label made myself so that the samples seem to belong in my product range.”

“The hair serum that I offer to potential clients for free is very valuable. Because the Unicorn Bottles® have a liquid leak-blocker, I am always sure that no product is lost. In addition, the serum does not run into the bag or onto the customer’s clothes, which saves a lot of frustration (laughs).”

“When using my hair serum it is crucial to use the correct small amount. The Narrow Drip tip ensures that you can dose correctly down to the drop. Not an unnecessary luxury, but a necessity!”

“I would recommend Chubby Gorilla packaging to any company that distributes products, liquid or solid. The quality of your packaging has an impact on the total quality perception that the customer experiences with your products and company.”

“Why wouldn’t you put a top product in top packaging?”

Emma P.

Liquid solutions

The Unicorn bottles® provide a variation of liquid solutions. Oils, ink, sauce, drink samples, leather dye, chain lube, serums, you name it! Thanks to the narrow drip tip, precision is child’s play. Discover some examples of the multiple applications.