"The aviator® containers just tick all the boxes."

Frank D.

Frank sells on-the-go doses of his protein powder using Aviator® Containers.

Frank has been providing 1 on 1 fitness coaching for years and helps individuals to develop a better lifestyle. This includes, for example, healthy nutrition and physical development. He launched his own protein powder and noticed that large jars are not convenient for his customers. That is why he uses Chubby Gorilla’s 550 ml Aviator® Containers so that his customers can easily take their powder with them.

“From my own experience I know that most large jars of protein powder do not work easily”

Frank D.

“For a very long time I’ve been actively working on keeping my body in top condition. I do this by exercising and eating healthy. A few years ago I made this my job and became a fitness coach. From my own experience I know that most large jars of protein powder do not work easily, and when I started offering this to my clients, I started looking for good ways to take protein powder to work out without a large jar.”

“During my search, many options quickly fell by the wayside, as such jars do need to meet a few things. For example, it must have a 100% seal, so that the contents remain dry at all times. It is also important that it is safe, so that children cannot open it and eat from it. Finally, it is important that the jar has a lid with a good grip. During the workout you are often sweaty so many jars are not easily opened.”

“In the case of the Chubby Gorilla Aviator® containers, I was able to tick off all the criteria, which is why I chose them. It is also a very high quality and extensive range which means I have a suitable jar for any quantity.”

Solid goods containers

Solid and safe packaging is also the key to success for solid goods! Our containers are used for several purposes, such as protein powders, botanicals, herbs, nuts, hair products, candy, lip balm and so on! Discover some examples of the multiple applications.